Seeing the world through polarized lenses

I wear these polarized sunglasses while running that give me the most fantastic view of colors. They could make a gray day vibrant. The most striking time of year, of course, is the fall. The reds and oranges appear as if I’ve edited the landscape with saturation as I frequently do on my computer. I wish I could always see the world through polarized glasses.

But since I can’t, I did the next best thing and purchased a polarizing filter for my 50mm lens. To me, a novice, the most drastic effect of the polarizing filter is in regards to the color of the sky.  It can create the most gorgeous shades of blue.  Yesterday, I accompanied my son’s class on a field trip to Hartford, CT and while they were in a classroom and didn’t need supervision I stepped outside and took these shots.

The Travelers Tower without the polarizing filter:


The Travelers Tower with the polarizing filter:


Look at the definition of the clouds. So striking! The building is much more crisp and the green hedges are so much more detailed.

Another building, in Hartford it’s bound to be insurance, with a funky shape and great color.

Without the polarizing filter:


Pretty but not necessarily eye-catching.

With the polarizing filter:


Again with the clouds! And look at the color of the building, the gray cast has been removed and there is so much more definition with each frame of each window.

We’ll see if I can get my fall colors to replicate what I see through those glasses. But there is no rush! My favorite time of year is upon us.


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