Initial Pendant


Often I get inspiration from catalogs like my personal favorite, Sundance Catalog. And other times ideas simply pop into my head. I was making a couple more pair of the Shamrock earrings when all that bending, twisting and hammering inspired me to make an initial pendant. The R is my first initial, obviously, but in the trial stages it was a P. Know anyone whose name starts with P?


I didn’t have enough wire to finish out the R so it became a P. Luckily the second time was the charm. The R is large, measuring 2 1/2″ long by 1 1/2″ wide. I have a knock off of this pendant. Really? That’s a R? But I like the natural organic look and feel of the hammered sterling silver so I made my own initial pendant.


I’ve been mulling over which letters of the alphabet would work with this design and which would be a challenge, F would be hard but B would be doable. I’ll wear mine for a while and post a picture on Facebook to see if it generates any interest and then I’ll consider making them to sell.


A funny aside, when I hung the pendant around my neck and looked in the mirror I got confused as to whether or not it was facing the right direction so I had to ask my son if the letter looked correct. I probably shouldn’t admit that.


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