A First!


For the very first time in my life in New England (I lived 5 years in the South) Spring arrived and it actually felt like Spring! We had a record-breaking span of 6 days over 60 degrees with a couple of them reaching the low 70’s. Normal temperatures for this time of year are in the mid-40’s. People everywhere were storing away their woolens in favor of short sleeves and capris.


Like any garden lover in their right mind I spent hours raking, cutting, digging, dividing, trimming, inspecting, making plans, and planting! It felt so good! I am so ahead of the game. Usually, it’s late April/early May before we see temps like this and by that time I’m so ensconced in the kid’s baseball season and all of our other spring commitments that the garden ends up being neglected.

Also, I’m very happy to report on actual flowers growing in my gardens!
The crocus is such a sight for sore eyes that have been dulled by months of brown.


The bees and bugs were out, even those nasty mosquitos. Here’s a fly enjoying the crocus.


I love these Dwarf Iris! I always seem to forget about them and am pleasantly surprised when they blossom.



And, finally, a volunteer. Sweet thing.


Tomorrow, what I planted.


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