Picture Spring: Beginnings

Starting on April 1 I am taking an e-class called Picture Spring. Picture Spring is a 30-day guided e-class that will encourage and inspire you to use photography to celebrate the season of new beginnings while honoring and nourishing your creative spirit. With a new email and fresh perspective in your inbox each morning, you’ll use the daily photo prompt to help open your mind and guide your lens to see and capture your life and the world around you. Whether you are an expert photographer, or just starting out, this project will help you see things in a completely new light.

I’ve been looking for something to challenge me photographically, to give me incentive to improve my photography skills and turn the knob on my Canon EOS 7D off automatic and experience what this camera really can do.

Our first photo prompt: As we begin today, look around. Really look. We are not the only ones starting a new journey; spring is here, after all. Now, use your camera to capture an image that symbolizes the beginning of something–of anything–and let’s begin together in celebration and wonder.


This assignment had so much possibility since we are surrounded by so much change and new growth. In each of these photos I used a 50.0mm lens at f/1.4 and ISO: 100. The f/1.4 is what gave me the blurred background.


A flower on a walking stick tree.


Purple, heavenly scented hyacinth.


A red maple flowering against the brilliant blue sky.


My son, who said, “Mom, can we go for a walk on this beautiful day?” I couldn’t say no to that and took the opportunity to bring my camera along.

Each day of this month I will post my photos that are inspired by this class.


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