Organic Jewelry Inspiration Class

Today I took a class on designing jewelry with inspiration captured from nature.

Learn techniques to create jewelry inspired by organic metal forms and textures including sawing, hammering, piercing, filing, and stamping. Create a unique piece of jewelry inspired by natural forms like leaves, branches, vines, and flowers. Award winning Rhode Island artist and teacher Aime Plante exhibits her work nationally.

Amie Plante, who does beautiful work as seen here, here and here, also taught the Beginning Ring and Stone Jewelry class that I took a year ago.   Amie brought along real leaves and flowers picked from her yard to help inspire us in our design.  Amie does a lot of floral designs which I am always drawn towards.


My first design was a pair of small leaves that I sawed out of copper. I then stamped, hammered and filed the edges. Currently, I’m not sure what these leaves are intended for whether it be earrings or a necklace or even a bracelet.


My second design started out as one thing and progressed into this, a floral layer of sterling silver, cobalt blue aluminum and more sterling. The aluminum and sterling was so thin that I actually cut these designs out with regular kitchen scissors then the metal was hammered and stamped. The centers of each layer were drilled so a trio of sterling silver head pins could hold the flower together and mimic stamens.


The aluminum comes in many different, vibrant colors. My head is swimming with the possibilities!


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