Picture Spring: Catch Lights

Picture Spring: Catch Lights

In portrait photography, it’s all about illuminating the eyes. When the light hits the eyes of your subject just right, you’ll discover that telling twinkle.

Today look for the light in the eyes of a loved one and capture a little bit of their spirit.


This assignment was tough! Again, like yesterday’s assignment, I prefer to take nature photos or that of inanimate objects but I’m moving out of that comfort zone. It’s rare that I take a photo of a person that I feel to be frameable. Maybe it’s just me being overly critical of myself but getting the lighting just right can be tricky and with a moving, uncooperative subject frustrating as well.


Red upper lip stains brought to you by Gatorade.

There was a lot of trial and error and error and trial trying to take portraits of these hooligans. We sat in a sunlit window but there were too many shadows, we went outside but ~whine~ “It’s too bright!” ~whine~. Finally, we went indoors to a brightly, sun-lit room and I had the kids face the window so the catch lights would reflect in their eyes. I am very happy with the result.

ISO: 200, f/1.4, 50.0mm


6 thoughts on “Picture Spring: Catch Lights

    • Thanks, Rebecca! These are the first shots that I really feel comfortable saying that I knew what I was doing when I took them and came out as I had planned. I ordered prints and can’t wait for them to arrive!

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