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Asparagus: Not for the impatient


It’s been 3 years since we planted asparagus which also happens to be how long it takes to grow shoots worthwhile of eating. We were so excited to find this yesterday and hope to have a meal of it by the end of the week.


From Wikipedia regarding the effects asparagus has on the urine:

There is debate about whether all (or only some) people produce the smell, and whether all (or only some) people identify the smell. It was originally thought this was because some of the population digested asparagus differently than others, so that some people excreted odorous urine after eating asparagus, and others did not. However, in the 1980s three studies from France,[24] China and Israel published results showing that producing odorous urine from asparagus was a universal human characteristic. The Israeli study found that from their 307 subjects all of those who could smell ‘asparagus urine’ could detect it in the urine of anyone who had eaten asparagus, even if the person who produced it could not detect it himself.[25] Thus, it is now believed that most people produce the odorous compounds after eating asparagus, but only about 22% of the population have the autosomal genes required to smell them.[26][27][28]

Interesting. 3 cheers for smelly pee!

And while I’m on the subject of gardening I made a little something for my gardening friends.

Gardener’s hand scrub.


I got the idea from a blog that I follow, House on Hill Road.  Mine is a mixture of sugar and Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena hand soap.  It smells so good and really does exfoliate well.


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