Picture Spring: Looking back

Picture Spring: Looking back

Our midmonth marker is here! We’re half way through our 30 day project. Pause today and enjoy a little reflective reprieve. Because sometimes it takes looking back to see how far we’ve come, your job today is to dig into the archives. Find a shot from last spring to celebrate how your creativity has blossomed over the year.


The bottom two photos were taken last year with my Canon Rebel XT on April 2 which must have been the last day my computer worked because there are no more pictures until May 2009. I suffered a little downtime when 1st hit by a virus and then finding out that my hard drive was 99.5% full. It took 10 months to get my PC back. I still took pictures but the 13″ screen of the MacBook didn’t do them justice. I was uninspired for too long.

These horses reside in a field less than 1/2 mile from our house. It’s not a planned ritual but once the weather cooperates one of the first things we do is take a walk for a visit. The kids feed them (and drop many in fear of being bitten) carrots while I take photos.


Then, they run alongside the kids when we depart.



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