Picture Spring: Out of the shadows

Picture Spring: Out of the shadows

Although the weather of spring can be unpredictable, the days grow longer and our chance for sun, more probable. As she plays hide and seek amongst the clouds heavy with the showers of spring, watch for the shadows that come and go. Today, beyond the obvious objects that might catch your eye, look for the shadow shapes they leave behind.


Since it was cloudy today I didn’t have a chance to get creative with the sun so I picked a picture from the archives. This was taken a couple weeks ago, the kids stood so that our heights were even. It gives them a thrill when they have the opportunity to be as tall as me.

I’ve not only been taking pictures for my class but have been inspired to take photos of all kinds of things and get creative in the process. For instance:


I picked a dandelion that had gone to seed and held it up to the bright blue sky. On my camera was my 100.0mm macro lens so I had to hold the flower out as far as possible in order to get the camera to focus. The photo above is focused on the seeds.


This image is focused on the parachutes. They look like stars or something you’d see around the 4th of July.

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