Picture Spring: Flirting with flare

Picture Spring: Flirting with flare

The rules of photography often warn us not to shoot into the sun. Such rules are made to be broken. Whether it is people or nature, using the sun as a background for your shots can lead to illuminating images. To capture the effect you want takes some time (and some happy accidents) but it’s worth the experimentation. Be on the lookout for a shifting of exposure, rainbow light refractions and sunspots to name a few of the unpredictable elements of shooting directly (or nearly directly) into the light. Flare is one of those illusive subjects that when captured in just the right light, is enlightening. And the best part? There is no wrong or right way to get the perfect shot. After all, we’re paving our own way here. This is art!


Blue flare through the sabal palm tree


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