Picture Spring: The shape of things

Picture Spring: The shape of things

When you have something on your mind, it tends to show up everywhere. With all that is growing and blooming around us, is it any wonder we find the same amidst even our daily chores? Allow yourself to discover a shape of delight, a surprise of spring, the most mundane thing turned magic right before your eyes.


Yesterday, Casey and I found this bird’s nest resting on the ground and he put it up in a tree for the birds to reuse. Then, today, while on my jog, I saw a beautiful robin’s egg shell lying on the sidewalk. Progressing further into my jog I got the idea of taking candy coated chocolate Easter eggs (we still have Valentine’s candy hanging around) and placing them in the nest to create my ‘shape of things’. The fact that one of the candy eggs was cracked makes it even more realistic.


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