Picture Spring: Charmed, I’m sure

We often hold the symbols of love and friendship near and dear to our hearts. Pictured here a symbol of our sisterhood: the exclusive Shutter Sisters flash bulb necklace. Today, commemorate your favorite charm, necklace, or keepsake in a photo. This could be a token of love or remembering, of hope or faith, family or friends. Capture any little something that lifts your spirits and makes your heart happy.


This is a photo of one of my most recent pieces. I think of my jewelry making as my art… I usually get an idea in my mind that I toss around for a while, I sit down at my desk and arrange the colors or design the piece and then put it all together. Sometimes it shifts and changes as the design that I once had in my head evolves into something else. I think it’s quite similar with painting. Most of my pieces are one of a kind because, like a painting, the joy is in the process of creating. Often, though, I am asked to recreate a piece which I’m happy to do.

I haven’t been making much jewelry as all of my creative energies have been given to this class but hopefully, next week, I can start creating again… I have a few ideas tossing around in my head.


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