Picture Spring: Gatherings

Picture Spring: Gatherings

Nothing says spring like a bouquet of flowers. You just can’t beat the beauty of Mother Nature. Today, celebrate your Picture Spring journey with a bouquet. Whether it’s a vase of colorful gerber daisies or a handful of wispy wildflowers, a gathering of sweet and sacred blooms offers a well-deserved nurturing nod. Your camera will even thank you for such an exuberant subject matter!


I thought that these were daffodils but when I cut them their scent was so sweet. I guess that they still could be daffodils but I’ve never noticed a scent as pleasing as this.


Tulips with an added flare.


I have the most awesome patch of lilac, lucky since they are one of my top 5 favorite flowers. My parents are coming this weekend so I will fill the house with their scent. It’s also a bonus that they are always in bloom during teacher appreciation week. And, knock on wood, this year my allergies haven’t kicked in and prevented me from smelling them.


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