Picture Spring: Receive and Give

Picture Spring: Receive and Give

Here we are: the last day of Picture Spring. What a treat it has been this month! What amazing things you’ve done! And what better way to spend the last day than looking back through all that you’ve captured and created during our e-class? Although it will be hard to choose favorites, today I am offering you a downloadable template to use with your most cherished images to create May baskets. May 1st is May Day and although it might not be a widely recognized holiday, you can spread a little springtime cheer and hang your handmade photo baskets filled with flowers on your friends and neighbors doorknobs. Don’t forget your own!


For my friend, Karen, who is always there to encourage me through all of my projects.


For my friend, Rachel, who, all by herself, spread 5 yards of mulch in preparation for her daughter’s 1st Communion. She said it made her day.

This class has been challenging and inspiring and made me look at so many things differently. I start another class in a couple weeks called ‘Get out of Auto’ and will sign up for Picture Summer when it is offered in July.


One thought on “Picture Spring: Receive and Give

  1. Those baskets are so beautiful filled with flowers. I’ll bet your friends were thrilled! Great job on the project – it’s been hard to keep up because you post so often. 🙂 Great that you’ll be taking more classes. Have a great weekend!

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