Poladroid is a fun, free software that allows you to drag your photo onto the desktop camera and it develops just like a Polaroid. You can watch the photo as it processes from dark gray to the final digital Polaroid result.  Once the processing is complete it is automatically saved to your computer.  Found via Shutter Sisters.


I borrowed the above photo from my Picture Spring class.

For the fences - Poladroid

Either of these photos look as if they were taken in the 70’s when I had my own Polariod instant camera (and Star Wars was in theaters).


2 thoughts on “Poladroid

  1. Becky, I love these! I am so going to download this software. Another good one is the Hipstamatic app for iPhone (not sure if you have an iPhone?). It does basically the same thing on your camera phone, but with a different border, and you can choose different “lenses” and “film speeds.” Very cool. I think Polaroids make anything look good. 🙂

    • I, unfortunately, do not have an iPhone. At&t coverage is so spotty I would get overly irritated with the phone. BUT, as soon as they go Verizon I’ll have one.

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