Fuggle, Hallertau, Cascade and Golding

All are varieties of hops! The flower that makes beer, well, beer. Further proof that we won’t be moving anytime soon my husband has decided to plant hops once again, it won’t be an easy endeavor since he will need to build a retaining wall to hold in the soil. In the meantime, we have the beginnings of four hop plants growing in pots.


This is the Fuggle, my personal favorite, which I thought would be a great dog name until I saw the definition on Urban Dictionary.

hop aroma

Oh my gosh the aroma is just fantastic! It’s been 11 years (a lot more hair) and 3 states since we last planted hops in a 50′ x 60′ garden in Maine. We had little idea what we were doing with that garden but it yielded the best crops by far of any garden we’ve planted since.


The challenge with hops comes at drying time. We tried a couple ways in Maine… with a dehumidifier and a dry attic but neither were successful. More research will go into future harvests. Now to go pour myself an IPA…


2 thoughts on “Fuggle, Hallertau, Cascade and Golding

  1. wow. i can honestly say i have never seen hops before. i am a HUGE beer enthusiast so I really appreciate you sharing this. it’s fascinating!! love that top shot. those colors are wow!

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