Team Logan’s Run, raising funds for the Humane Society of the United States


Logan Louise (a.k.a. Logie Lou) Laflam 5/5/1992 – 12/23/2009

18 years ago this summer I adopted the most wonderful dog that I named Logan.  I had just moved to Denver, CO and was lonely so I, along with my now Mother-In-Law*, went to the Denver Dumb Friends League (State-of-the-art animal shelter) in search of a furry companion.  What I remember vividly from that day was walking near the room where puppy Logan was located and, as a child walked by, Logan jumped for joy as if saying “Let’s play!”  This shelter had small cubicles with doors that can be closed for privacy and you can sit there with your prospective pet to find out if you have the right chemistry.  I loved Logan right away.  When I went to fill out the paperwork I was told that she was the last of a litter… I can’t imagine passing her up?  What were the others like?  I also found out that there was already a hold on her by another family and they had until a certain time (I can’t remember the exact time) to come in to claim her.  We left the facility and as it approached the time for them to claim her I called the shelter and found out that the family hadn’t been in so, excitedly, I went back to the shelter to adopt her.  The time had expired and I was officially hers!  As I was waiting in line to finish the paperwork a little boy burst into tears and I was told that it was the family that had a claim on her and that they had come back to adopt her (my kids love this story and ask me to tell it time and time again).  Being 24 and not yet a Mom of 2 boys I didn’t think twice about giving her to them.  I still think about that family and wonder if they got a dog and if that little boy was traumatized… he’d be around 30-years-old by now.

Logan was the most amazing companion and really like my first child giving me a small amount of practice in what was to come with the human children.  Logan lived in Colorado, Vermont, Maine, Tennessee, Virginia and her final resting place in Massachusetts.  Logan, a border collie mix, was so very smart that after her puppy stage was over we could let her out anywhere and she would do her business and be right back at the door… no fences necessary.  For a few years, Logan was a certified Therapy Dog and together we would visit patients at Maine Medical Center in Portland, ME.  If they would have her, she would jump right up onto the patients bed and lay right down letting them be comforted by her presence.  The Therapy Dog certification allowed her to come into the hospital after I had delivered Griffin where she took her usual spot on the bed by my feet.  Logan was the ring bearer at our wedding.

Logan lived a little over 17 1/2 joy-filled years.  She tried so hard not to leave us in the end and held on for as long as she could.  I sometimes forget that she’s not lying at my feet and I have to avoid rolling my computer chair over her tail.  We still miss her so much and feel so lucky that she was such a huge part of our lives.


On May 30, Gary and I (Above, from last year’s relay) are splitting the Vermont City Marathon.  We’ll each be jogging 13.1 miles which is our longest yet!  Since we decided to step it up by jogging a half marathon we also decided that we’d jog it to make a difference in the lives of animals like Logan who find themselves in shelters and perhaps this money raised will help increase their odds of finding a loving family.

Gary and I will match your donations up to $1000.00.  Your donation will be the extra inspiration we’ll need to keep on keeping on.  That and thinking about all the animals that we will help.  To make a donation please visit: Logan’s Run Fundraising Page for the Humane Society of the United States.

Presently the Humane Society of The United States is preparing to help animals injured in the Gulf oil spill and last week they were helping to feed and reunite animals with their families in Tennessee after a historic and tragic flood.

Many thanks for your support — and don’t forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

*My Mother-In-Law adopted a cat that same day who, at the time, they estimated to be 2-years-old.  Spook is still alive today!  They’re doing something right at the Denver Dumb Friends League.


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