Chive inspiration and a simple recipe

Chive flower focus

Last night, while making dinner, I looked out into the backyard toward my sadly neglected garden and spied the chive flowers looking so lovely.

Chive flower foreground

I laid down on top of the mole hills that tunnel through our lawn to capture these pretty purple beauties.

Chive flower and friends

I found the sun setting through the trees and was able to capture this flare, flare that I have never seen before with any camera and I have Picture Spring to thank for it.

Chive flower in flare

I’ve got to cut these flowers so my chives don’t go by and I can continue to enjoy them all summer long.

Chive flower solo

Oh, and by the way, I burned the dinner that I had left on the stove.

Chive flowers

A family favorite recipe is mixing low fat cottage cheese with seasoned salt to taste and chopped chives. It goes great with crackers and our favorite Cape Cod potato chips.

2 thoughts on “Chive inspiration and a simple recipe

  1. I’ve never seen flare like that before, either! Love it. These pics are so beautiful … sorry about the dinner. Maybe some chives will entice my kids to eat cottage cheese? Also a fan of Cape Cod chips over here.

    • I can’t give you hope in regards to getting your children to eat cottage cheese since mine won’t touch it either!

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