More Macro…

I’m taking another online photography class. This one is called Get out of Auto. The first week has been pretty basic info. and I’m hoping that the following 3 will be a little bit more advanced. I practiced taking action shots at my son’s baseball game but none of them turned out spectacular. Let’s hope that I can learn how to get a great action shot by the end of the month.

One thing I did discover is that I had my camera set to take shots at 8mb when it’s capable of 18mb so changing that in itself should improve the quality of my photos. Here are a few macros that I took once I changed the quality setting.


I love rain drops on flowers or most any plant.


There are so many bees! I observed one bee landing in the rhododendron flowers and doing somersaults to collect all of the pollen.


My clematis is the largest it’s ever been with more blooms too!


This is where you can see the difference of the 18mb setting. You can see the cells of the petal and our house in the rain drop.


Most of the lilacs have gone by but this Miss Kim is still sharing its wonderful scent with us.


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