Too fast…


My oldest son turns 10 next week. Some people have trouble with turning 30, 40 or any other decade. I’m having trouble with 10. In less time than he’s been on this earth and in our home he will be leaving us.

Shenanigans 2

They are both at such a fun age. I was reminded this weekend, after staying in a house with 3 toddlers, just how easy my kids have become. Easy in that they can entertain themselves and I have time for me. The physical exhaustion of feeding, napping and constantly supervising is gone… now it’s just mental.

Seriously silly

Our life is full and so completely busy. I’m trying to remember to live in the now.


One thought on “Too fast…

  1. Such great, fun shots. I’m guessing you really captured their personalities with these! They look like they’re having fun together.

    We’re still in the napping/constant supervision stage over here, and while I’m not wishing these times away, I do think it will be pretty great when things get a little easier.

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