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Neon cages

A real sense of accomplishment… I got my veggie garden planted yesterday! I had a goal in my mind of getting it planted before this weekend’s marathon. Why the marathon? Well the marathon is always Memorial Day weekend which is also the last frost date for our region but in years past I’ve been so caught up in training combined with school and baseball schedules that I don’t get to planting my garden until the weekend after the marathon and I’ve already lost a growing week. Plus, last year, the worst gardening year I’ve ever experienced, was full of rain and in speaking with gardeners I found that the ones that got their gardens in before Memorial Day faired better than the ones that got a late start. So my personal race was on to get it all planted before the weekend.

Veggie Garden Planted

Because I’ve had such a terrible problem with powdery mildew I’m trying something new this year, Garden Mats. I saw an ad for this company on Sunday morning tv and when I looked it up online and saw that they were located in Vermont I knew that they would be on the up and up (no one lies in Vermont!). I traded emails with the owner who told me that one of their good customers was located in the town of Wallingford, VT where I spent my teenage years. The holes in the mat are pre-cut and you just roll it out and stake it down. You can order mats according to the variety of plants you’ll be planting. The size of the circles and spacing will vary.

Another shortcut that I’ve taken is planting seedlings rather than seeds. Again, based on the failure of last summer’s garden I wanted to get a head start. Oh, how last summer haunts me still! I picked up several of the seedlings at the Farmer’s Market and the remainder at a local garden center. I’ve planted basil, tomato, Cubanelle peppers, potato in the potato bins, spinach, cucumber, yellow squash, zucchini, shallots, corn and soy beans a.k.a. Edamame. I’ve never grown soy beans so I thought it would be fun to give it a try but now, in reading about them online, it looks like they are a delicacy for rabbits which we have in abundance.

Bright Lights Swiss Chard

Planting this Bright Lights swiss chard was inspired by a gorgeous garden that I visited in Connecticut a couple summers ago. The colors of the stalks are so vibrant and appealing to me.

Colorful tomato cages

Speaking of color, I saw these tomato cages at a local garden center and I couldn’t resist! They are so fun!


5 thoughts on “Garden in

  1. I love your tomato cages! And I feel your pain about last year… we were still able to harvest, but growth was stunted. This year many of my plants I grew from seed died once in the ground or before they even got there, so I had to buy many seedlings from a local garden store. I felt sad about it, but as you said, I didn’t want a repeat of last year!

  2. I LOVE those tomato cages! Last year was a serious wash-out, and this year is looking only marginally better. How’s your garden doing so far? Mine have fallen victim to a slug-fest because of the rain. I am trying a new product from Espoma, so we’ll see.

    • This year things were looking good until last week which was cool and rainy. My potato plants are doing great but if the damp weather persists I’ll have blight soon like last year. I put a few more things in the ground today. I think it would all be doing much better if it could only dry out!

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