Photography and Gardening


My gardening hobby is beneficial to my photography hobby. I can grow my own subjects!

This poppy is so elegant and charming. I’ll be planting more of these.

Palest pink poppy

Poppy pre-seeds

I’m not a big fan of roses but these Knockout Roses bloom until the first frost if I’m diligent about pruning the faded blossoms. They add a tremendous amount of color to the front of our house and remind me of the rosa rugosa or beach rose so often seen on the coastline in Maine.

Knockout roses

Knockout rose


3 thoughts on “Photography and Gardening

  1. Beautiful! I love that poppy. I’m not a big fan of roses, either, but they do add a splash of color to the yard. (My husband’s the one with the green thumb, but I’m learning.)

  2. Wow, a pink poppy! Love it! I ended up with a big ol’ orange one mistakenly in my garden. It clashes with the other colors there, but it is quite persistent, so it lives.

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