We did it!


My husband and I ran our first 1/2 marathon! I stayed true to my blog written word and ran 13.1 miles. Actually, based on my Garmin GPS it was 13.29.

Vermont City Marathon 1st leg

Above is the map of the route that I ran provided by my Garmin watch.

My pace stayed as predicted at 11 minute miles. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Well, at least completes the race. I jogged faster than I normally do in training but because there are many water stations I decided to do something different this year and actually use them. It’s nearly impossible for me to swallow liquids while jogging so I walked through each station and allowed myself to catch my breath. My last long training run at home was 12.5 miles without liquids and I nearly passed out. I surely didn’t want this to happen during the marathon. You can see in the graph above where I stopped for a drink as represented by the spikes in my pace.

Over 8,000 people run this marathon. There are the people who run the complete 26.2 miles, a 2-person relay where each run 13.1 and then there are 3- and 5-person relays. Here’s a photo of Battery Park pre-marathon.

Battery Park pre-marathon

Once we got to the park it’s imperative to go right to the port-a-potties and as you can see above they have a lot of them with lines 30 people deep. Fortunately, they go quickly.

Here we are just before my start:

The start

This is me with my sister and her co-worker, Tim, who both ran the 5-person relay. This is right when the marathon got underway. The temperature couldn’t be more perfect, 50’s and overcast. The overcast skies lasted most of the morning. Race time was 8:05.

And they're off!

What is so awesome about this marathon is that most of the entire 26.2 miles is covered in people cheering on the runners. There are bands, a bagpiper, drummers,

Battery Street drummers

cow bells, pots and pans, people having parties in their driveway, water spraying onto the course from garden hoses, signs of encouragement, cheers, screams, etc. There’s even a beer station toward the end of the marathon.


I got a huge boost when at mile 9 I saw my sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law and a friend all within a block of one another. “4 MORE MILES!”, I yelled.

4 more miles!

My first 6 miles felt really good, my breathing was not labored and my legs felt great. After 6 my legs started to feel heavy so I did another thing different than I do in training I ate Clif Shot Bloks to replace carbs and electrolytes. They really worked and I continued to eat one every two miles.

“The hardest battle to conquer, is the minds desire to quit.” I read this quote recently and it couldn’t be more true. My mind quits way before my body. The last 4 miles I could only think about the end and stopping. And when I saw my husband at the hand-off I couldn’t have been more relieved. Here he is in the final stretch:

Gary near the end of his run

A big thank you goes out to our support staff who without their help this event would not be possible.

Team Logan's Run

And lastly, our motivation, when times got tough both my husband and I thought about our sweet girl, Logan. I rubbed and hugged her picture on my shirt, she was with us in spirit. With the very generous donations given by friends and family we will all be helping many animals in need.

Logan's Run Complete!

Can’t wait ’til next year!


2 thoughts on “We did it!

  1. Now, how in the world did I miss this post?? E-mail notifications have let me down. Grrrr! I’ve been waiting to read about the race, and it’s been here for days. Well, it sounds like you had an awesome race! We also ran about 11-minute miles, so we’re all slow and steady. 🙂 Good for you for eating those Clif Shot Bloks – I’m going to try that next time. While Nashville has a great route, I’m so envious of the Burlington views!! That must have been inspiring. And the temperature – 50s and overcast? Perfect. Your Garmin watch is soooo cool. Great, great photos. Great job!!! Yay!

    • Thanks! I haven’t run since and after a week of daily ice creams I’m feeling antsy for a jog.

      The Clif Shot Blocks worked but one problem that I had with them is that they are kinda big and when your breathing is labored and your trying to chew the darn thing it’s complex. I’d like to give the jelly bean kind a try.

      I think you can do something similar to the Garmin with an iPhone app.

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