My favorite flavor, cherry red

Well, not really.  Actually not at all.  I don’t like cherries or cherry flavored anything.  However, I do like the color cherry red.  Today I made a trellis and painted it cherry red.


I needed something for the edamame to climb and I got the idea here at Life in Rehab. I first went looking at Home Depot for the dowels but the tallest they sold was 4′ and I needed something taller since part of it would be buried in the soil. They did have 12′ dowels but they were much too thick. So I went to Lowe’s hoping that they would sell something different (yeah, right) and as I walked in the door someone was leaving with PVC pipe which gave me the idea to use that instead. I was able to find 3 lengths of white 5′ PVC pipe along with spray paint that is specifically made for plastic. The total came to less than $10.

Trellis with windchime

I tied the top of the pipes with green twine and added a wind chime that had previously hung on my garden shed. Since the pipes are hollow I’m going to need to stick something decorative in the top of each pole. Hmmmm, not sure what that will be but I bet I can find something at the upcoming Brimfield Antique Show.


Much to my husband’s delight we have cherries this year. A friend gave him this tree two years ago and we watched last year as a flock of black birds devoured all of the cherries in one afternoon. Yes, I do feel a bit guilty. That same afternoon I did go in search of some kind of netting but had no luck. This year I redeemed myself and found the bird netting to cover the tree so now we have a ton of cherries ripe for the picking. He says he’s going to make pie.

UPDATE!  Here’s what I placed in the top of the trellis.

Globes on teepee

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