Hello, Stella!

Hello Stella

I had promised the kids that after the marathon we would get a new dog. I found Stella online at Petfinder.com. I searched for border collie puppy within a 100 mile radius of our home and found her with Companion Pet Rescue, an organization that buses dogs from Georgia to Northwest Connecticut in order to save them from the many kill shelters that exist in the south. They had several dogs of all ages and I wanted so bad to save them all because what can’t be adopted gets sent back to Georgia. The bus makes the trip every 3 weeks.

I’m not sure just how much border collie she has in her, only time will tell, but she sure does have a lot of English Springer Spaniel.  The only thing that I can see that makes her a mixed breed is that her legs are thinner than a Spaniel who seem to have thicker limbs.

Stella was part of a litter of 10!

Forewarning: There will be a lot of puppy pictures around these parts.

The theme this week on iheartfaces is  “All about Babies”. Very fitting as we have a very new baby in the house and we are getting very little sleep. But she’s so darn cute!


11 thoughts on “Hello, Stella!

  1. She is gorgeous. I’m glad you’ll be posting puppy pics – I’ll live vicariously. My husband is allergic to dogs, and Parker has been afraid of them since a big boxer knocked him over when he was 2. (The boxer was being playful, but it really scared him.) Sawyer loooves dogs, and I would love to get one someday – maybe when our house calms down a little.

  2. She’s beautiful, I’ve a pup of my own, so I would love to follow your puppy raising journey with you 🙂 One of our dogs was from petfinder as well- we got him from a shelter at 6 weeks old, and now he is 6 yrs old!

    • I was quite surprised to find out just how many dogs are transported from the south to New England for adoption. Wow! 6 weeks? That’s early! Sounds like you made a good Petfinder match!

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