Stella, Week 2

Stella eyes

Don’t let that sweet face and soulful eyes fool you, she’s awakened and a force to be reckoned with. When I brought her home she spent a lot of the time sleeping and when she was awake she was very calm. But after a week on meds for various diseases… kennel cough, pneumonia, ear infections and worms… she’s slightly less than a handful.

She loves her big brothers and they love her. 10 and 7 are awesome ages for having a new puppy. They entertain her and share the responsibility of taking her outside. Wrestling is a favorite pastime.






That was close!


Like any puppy she loves to bite and chew, people and shoes are her favorite subject. We’ve all got wounds to show for it.

As far as sleep goes, upon the suggestion of a good friend, we put the crate in our bedroom and miraculously she has slept through the night ever since.

12 thoughts on “Stella, Week 2

  1. Oh, this makes me want a puppy!! She is beautiful, and it looks like your boys are having so much fun. The thought of losing any more sleep does it for me though (and the whole allergy thing). Love looking at your pics.

    • She’s becoming a handful with the biting and nipping. All normal but a nuisance just the same. It will pass (I keep having to remind myself).

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