Veggie garden ~ so far, so good

First cucumber of 2010

This summer is shaping up to be so much better than last. After a mild winter and gorgeous spring, summer is following with several hazy, hot and humid days. Can you hear me breathe a sigh of relief? I’ve already got a cucumber as seen above and there’s the promise of more to come. I’ve seen zucchini, too.

Potato bins

The potato bins are insane! The flowers are already starting to bloom. Hopefully we’ve escaped the blight that plagued us last year.

Globes on teepee

I found these fantastic globes at a local garden center which fit right into the top of my trellis.   Sunny, the idea lady, was kind enough to feature me on her blog yesterday.

Also, I was once again featured on One Pretty Thing, this time for my Shrinky Dinks earring tutorial.


2 thoughts on “Veggie garden ~ so far, so good

  1. I just love your trellis! The globes are perfect. Amazing that you found those. And so cool that you’re being featured on those blogs. You deserve it – you’re so prolific!

    One of these days I will update mine … lots of photos and just no will to lose more sleep to get them up…

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