Summer, on a Saturday morning

Ruby-throated hummingbird

This morning, while sitting on the deck enjoying the gorgeous weather, a strong coffee and time with family, we were joined by a ruby-throated hummingbird.


I’ve mentioned on this blog some time ago about the feeder that I have positioned on a bay window at the back of the house. When we first moved here 4 years ago, and while sitting on the deck, hummingbirds would often visit so I assumed that the previous owner must have had a feeder in the vicinity. I placed one on the window and each summer since they frequent the feeder.


The first real promising sign of warm weather to come is when the hummingbirds reappear. This year, the first hummingbird to appear was spotted on May 4.


He hung out with us for quite a while even allowing me to go into the house to retrieve my camera and 70-300mm lens.


They love the gardens around the house, too. Now that I’m constantly outside walking the dog I hear and see them feeding on the bee balm, lilies and many other flowers around the yard.


2 thoughts on “Summer, on a Saturday morning

  1. Boy, am I jealous of these photos! I just had a close encounter with a ruby hummingbird a few evenings ago as it approached my fuchsia plant. My startled gasp sent it darting away before I could grab my camera!

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