I am so excited!!!

Wilbraham Barber Shop

My photo was featured in the Pioneer Woman America Assignment!

“How about America? Americana?
Red, white and blue. Fireworks, etc.
What images, beyond the flag, symbolize America to you?”

I took this photo just after President Obama was sworn into office. You can see the snow on the side of the building. This barber, or Greg the Barber as he’s known around these parts, puts a different message in his window each and every day. Often they are birthday wishes submitted by people in town and sometimes they cheer on the Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins or local sports team depending on their playoff status. Greg the Barber is also known as Mr. Peach and wears a peach costume each year when the Peach festival is celebrated here in town. Love small town traditions!

Funny story about how I found out about my photo being featured, I was at the movies with a friend (Eclipse, and it was good!) and a friend of hers texted her to tell me that she saw my photo on PW!  I’m guessing that this friend, whose kids go to school with my kids, figured out it was my photo by browsing my Flikr page.


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