Picture Summer Day 2: Splashy

Splashy Stella

Whether it is the deep blue sea, a refreshing pool (any size will do), or the spray of sprinklers: water is one way to keep your cool during the summer months. Today, stage something splashy and capture your ultimate cool-down routine.

I thought about this prompt for most of the day. In the early evening I finally got the idea of giving Stella a bowl of water with a few ice cubes for her to fish out. It was hilarious watching her try to figure it out. At one point she was blowing bubbles out her nose under the water. I was laughing too hard to take a picture.

Splashy Stella ice cube

She finally got them all out, her just reward. This image is pretty much SOOC (straight out of the camera). I only upped the sharpening to get the ice cube even more clear.

Later, Stella got me back for the ice cube shenanigans by peeing on the dining room rug.


7 thoughts on “Picture Summer Day 2: Splashy

  1. Ice cubes in dog’s water dishes always make for good fun! I have 2 dogs myself, and my collie regularly blows bubbles in his water; he probably can’t help it with his long pointy nose!

    BTW, I’m loving your “summer prompts” so far. I may take some inspiration from them if you don’t mind!

    • She has to be gorgeous otherwise we’d toss her out with the dishwater. She’s biting everything and Casey is her favorite!

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