Picture Summer Day 4: Summer Traditions

4th of July Red Sox

Today as those in the US set time aside for food, fun, family and celebrating the birth of our nation, we are steeped in the family traditions of summer. We often choose to spend the day enjoying the simplest of pleasures. We just happen to be doing it with a lot of good company. Parades, B-B-Qs and bike rides are among some of the mainstays of the season. Today, take your camera along for the ride and capture what you’re doing on this fine summer day.

This 4th of July found us enjoying one of our favorite summer traditions, Red Sox baseball. My husband and I were able to go without the kids for which we felt a wee bit guilty but we got over it.

Lansdown and the Prudential

View down Landsdowne Street with the Prudential Bldg.


A moving tribute for the Armed Services.

July 4 baseball

Singing of the National Anthem.


SUN. And they weren’t kidding. It was HOT!

Fly over

A magnificent flyover.


Play ball!

Cotton Candy

“Get yer cotton candy heeya!” ~ said with a strong Boston accent

Fenway Park

Historic park. A tradition for many.

Old South Church Boston

Old South Church Boston sky

And we even had time for a stroll around the city. Here’s Boston’s Old South Church.

Other than the Red Sox losing (sigh) it was a great day.

4 thoughts on “Picture Summer Day 4: Summer Traditions

  1. Wonderful post! I am a huge Sox fan! I’ve been twice this year – and they lost both times, darn it! It still looks like it was a wonderful day.

    Your first photo with the flag looks a lot like it was done with HDR processing that I’ve been learning a little about – is that the case?

    • We’ve now been twice as well and they’ve lost both times! Argh!

      It wasn’t HDR although I see where you can apply this affect on Picnik. I believe I used Vibrance, Sharpen and Vignette all on Picnik. I do have Adobe Photoshop CS4 which was given to me as a gift but my CD drives aren’t working making it difficult to install. I’ve got to figure something out and soon since I have a project that will require a lot of editing.

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