Picture Summer Day 13: Juicy Fruit


Enjoying summer fruit is perhaps one of the most simple and delightful pleasures of the season. Whether it’s a sun-warmed succulent peach picked straight from the tree or a fresh basket of berries from the Farmer’s Market, nothing says summer like Mother Nature’s sweet seasonal harvest.

Great timing for this prompt being that it is Tuesday and my weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market. The market did not disappoint.

Peaches from here in town.


A little cherry bokeh.


And the biggest, plumpest blueberries that I’ve ever seen or had the pleasure to taste.


Which inspired the zen blueberry shot at the top. A little blueberry cairn.


5 thoughts on “Picture Summer Day 13: Juicy Fruit

  1. Wow, in-town peaches available? Everything is truly early this summer. I don’t even know where to go for local peaches now that Rice’s Fruit Farm is closed.

    I love the blueberry shot. I bought NJ blueberries last week; didn’t know more local ones were out.

    • The vendor at the Farmer’s Market was selling Wilbraham peaches. Must be from Rice’s orchard. I went up the S. Hadley this week and on the way there was a sign for blueberry picking. I hear that you can find them in Fountain park, too.

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