Picture Summer Day 14: Summer Breeze

I was very excited to have yesterday’s photo featured here on Shutter Sister’s.

Summer breeze

Wind can be one of the most enchanting of muses. Having daughters, I have found myself enraptured (borderline obsessed) with how the wind can sweep subtle and delicate wisps of hair across their soft skin.

Because you can’t dial up the wind on demand, even a slight breeze can be an illusive element and can require a lot of patience. If you’re in need of some enhancement, think of ways that you can create your own pleasant movement in the air and let it move you.

We took a walk down to see the horses. My intent was to just get out of the house after a day of rain and indoor activities. And, of course, I took my camera along. We were lucky that the horses were interested in us, most of the time they couldn’t be bothered unless you have carrots and today we didn’t.


The poor horses were itchy with all of the bugs so while we were scratching them I noticed that a summer breeze was blowing their mane ever so lightly.

Stella week 4ish

We had Stella along and she was just as interested in the horses as they were in her… maybe because they are the same color? Here she is intently staring at them. We’re starting to see a lot of border collie instincts emerging including herding much to the dismay of my 7-year-old.

I’ve had a Summer Breeze ear worm all day long. Summer breeze makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind…


2 thoughts on “Picture Summer Day 14: Summer Breeze

  1. Your photo of Stella is gorgeous. I know she isn’t the featured shot here but I was drawn to her eyes! What an unusual color for a dog’s eyes. Will they stay that color or eventually turn brown?

    • I hope they stay this color but with a mutt you never know. Two of her brothers had pale blue eyes and they were so striking!

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