Picture Summer Day 16: Friday Light

Heavy load

There’s magic in both the harsh and soft lights of summer. Time of day dictates everything about your photography, which is especially true in the summer. The sun can be relentless and kind both in the same day.

Today, look for the light you love best and seek to capture its glow in a way you might not have thought of before. Back light, shadows, sunspots, flare: anything goes.

I took two pictures for this prompt, the top in the morning light and the bottom in the evening light.

Friday light rose


6 thoughts on “Picture Summer Day 16: Friday Light

    • I took it with my 50.0mm 1.4 which is almost always on my camera. I also have a 100mm macro that I love. I think I need a 35mm 1.4, isn’t that what PW uses? I’d also like a Lensbaby. How about you?

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