Brimfield Antique Show: July 2010 edition


In my experience the July edition of the Brimfield Antique Show is hot, sweaty, dirty and awesome! It’s a carnival atmosphere and many of the vendors remind me of what, as kids, we called “carnies”. There are vendors from all over the U.S. I spoke with one from Texas and another from Tennessee.

Lotsa buoys

You can find just about everything new and old.


These garden statues are my personal favorite display.


Who doesn’t need a cow or two or three?


Stealing this from Karen, “Wow, this looks like something Betty Draper on Mad Men would have worn!”

Garden sculpture

I LOVED this welded sculpture. Some of these are HUGE! Over 8 feet tall. Of course, the artist is from Texas.

Lotsa beads

My goal was to find gemstone bargains. There were lots of died coral which I’m not a big fan of but I like the turquoise in the varying colors. Almost all of the vendors are willing to bargain and I got a few good deals.

Here’s my loot… all of which I cut and use in the pieces that I design.


Look for them in my shop, Rejardin, soon.


3 thoughts on “Brimfield Antique Show: July 2010 edition

  1. Thanks for the mention – glad you liked the comment. 🙂
    Bet you’ll make some cool stuff with your treasure. For as many times as I’ve driven by, I’ve never actually explored the Brimfield market. Maybe one of these years!

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