Picture Summer Day 17: Visual Interest

Visual Interest

Summer can mean lots and lots of outings. Whether you’re taking a big trip or staying close to home, getting out is all a part of the fun! Take your camera wherever you go today and be on the lookout for interesting subject matter and one-of-a-kind perspectives. Capture something a little out of the ordinary as you adventure, near or far.

Today was the first time in a very long time in which we had absolutely nothing scheduled. So instead of laying back and relaxing, we’re not really relaxing kind of people, I spent the first half of the day weeding, mulching with straw and watering my veggie garden. The second half of the day was spent helping my husband do the annual garage purge. It was dirty, sweaty work on this 94 degree day. How I wish I had a pool!

Today my photo submission is the orange cosmo that I’ve featured in previous posts with a backdrop of my veggie garden and gardening shed. Not exactly out of the ordinary but it’s my favorite view out my kitchen window giving me plenty of visual interest.

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