Picture Summer Day 18: Playtime

shadow race

Trying to outrun his shadow.

Summer can beckon our inner-child to come out and play. There’s no better season for jump roping, sidewalk chalk, skates and swings. Find something impossibly playful and enjoy. Entertain your inner-child! Play a little and capture what delights you in an image.

Excellent timing for this prompt since we had a party to attend that provided lots of playtime! I took some great shots of other people’s children that I didn’t get permission to post but here are 3 of my favorites.

hula hoop

Not to stereotype here but girls have it going with hula hoops. The hips don’t lie.

temp tatoo

Young and old were required to adorn a temporary tattoo or 5. Not pictured on my right shoulder is my badass skull and crossbones.


2 thoughts on “Picture Summer Day 18: Playtime

  1. Would’ve liked to see the badass skull and crossbones! πŸ˜‰
    Love the leap in the air- the emphasis on feet and shadows is just perfect.

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