Picture Summer Day 19: Jump Shot

slip 'n slide stunts

Jumping for joy is one way to celebrate the season! Jumping is a playful gesture that evokes a feeling of lightheartedness and can elicit hilarity. Whether your subject is a child, yourself or both, shots of physical elation can be delightful and surprising in their results.

The earth moved under their feet for these jump shots. First I had the kids jump off the trampoline and over me while I lay down on the ground which resulted in butt flare.

derriere flare


I was just informed that this maneuver is called the “sleeping duck”. huh.

Then there was the simple act of jumping on the trampoline.


Then onto the slip ‘n slide where just jumping over it got boring and they had to start jumping over each other as seen above.


And finally, jumping in the mud puddle that the slip ‘n slide helped create.



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