Picture Summer Day 20: When Order is in Order

Onion order

Summer is about spontaneity and letting go of the confines of the structure we use the rest of the year, but what happens when you’re in need of a little regular routine? What’s a girl to do? Seek out some order and distill it in an image.

Today, find peace in the echoes of repetition. Look for patterns, lines, repeating shapes or objects that bring to mind a sense that even amidst the swirl of the season calm can be found when you seek it out.

It was my weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market, maybe I should start a Tuesday at the Farmer’s Market blog routine?, when I spied these onions. I was drawn to the color, and then the shape and that among the order… one variety leaning in the same direction… there was peace but also chaos. So much like my own life.

I tried a couple more shots for this theme…

Dew drops

Symmetry with the lines of the chair and railing, dew drops and flower bokeh.

Berry baskets

Berry baskets.

Here are a few more shots from the Farmer’s Market. It’s a virtual photographer’s (or wannabe’s) playground.

colorful tomatoes

Gorgeous tomato color.

heirloom tomatoes

Destined for tonight’s caprese.


Who doesn’t love a sunflower?


Don’t they look pissed? And they’re not even teenagers. Sheesh. I get them ice cream and this is what they give me.


4 thoughts on “Picture Summer Day 20: When Order is in Order

  1. Love the tomatoes in the baskets! The color is great and good tomatoes are one of my favorite parts of summer. I actually went to that market too to check it out! I was hoping to find native tomatoes of the more traditional variety, but no luck. I did get the peaches though, so that made me happy. The girls and I are still working on the bag of kettle corn we bought too. I dragged my kids along too and we made a little day out of it – farmer’s market, lunch at Burger King ( a favorite of the kids) and then to Heritage Park to feed and take pictures of the swans. Hoping to get those posted today.

    • I found traditional tomatoes at the Red Fire Farm stand. We had them last evening in a caprese salad. Did the kids play on the playground at Heritage Park or are they too mature for that?

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