Picture Summer Day 22: Girl Put Your Records On

sound of sunshine

If there is ever a time to enjoy the soundtrack of your life, its summer. Whether it’s turning the stereo on with the windows wide open or using your ear buds on a summer stroll, music is an important and enjoyable part of our sensory experience. Shuffle through the playlist of your summer and shoot an image inspired by a favorite song.

A theme to this summer will definitely be ‘Sound of Sunshine’ by Michael Franti and Spearhead. Envisioning this song in a photo I knew the sun had to be BIG so I waited until it was setting.


Then, once it was set, it was a ‘fabulous night for a moondance’! They’re such troopers. My older one has started asking me each morning what my photo prompt is for that day.

Driver singing

In keeping with the theme for the day I saw this bumper sticker while carting my kids around. If it was on my vehicle it would say: CAUTION: DRIVER SINGING ALL THE WRONG WORDS.


3 thoughts on “Picture Summer Day 22: Girl Put Your Records On

  1. The sunshine shot is fabulous! (Some cool bokeh in there too!) I had to look up your song though. I know “Say Hey I love you” but I hadn’t heard that one.
    Did you take these at the concert? I find photos with dogs on the leash challenging! 😉

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