Picture Summer Day 23: Life is But a Dream


Water play can make for splashy images, but water can also soothe our senses and conjure up sweet memories of youth and innocence (recalling the words to Row Row Row your Boat?). Imagine a toy boat sailing in a wading pool, a gentle leaf following the movement of a country stream or even floating weightlessly in the ocean blue…you get the picture. Water can evoke a number of moods when used in imagery.

I’ve been walking this puppy so much so that I dream about it! Today we had a few hours of rain for the first time since early June. Stella was so thrilled with the change in temperature that all she wanted to do outside was run which was pretty funny with me on the other end of the leash. I edited the above photo with Picnik which I’m really finding my way around now but still hoping to get Photoshop loaded on my system.

puddle reflection

Another dreamy attempt and probably more what the prompt was seeking.

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