Picture Summer Day 26: Silhouettes of Summer

summer silhouettes

The bright summer sun can often throw off your camera’s light meter and give you a silhouette of your subject even when that’s not your intention. Today we will use backlight to intentionally throw our subjects into a silhouette.

Shoot directly into the sun and put your subject somewhere in between. With all the light in your frame, your camera settings (if put in any auto or partially auto mode) will stop down to avoid too much light in the frame. This is how you get your silhouette.

I will be so sad when this class is over! We had so much fun with this one. We have a huge boulder in our front yard and I waited until the sun was positioned in the sky just right for the kids to stand on top. They were role playing Harry Potter inspired but their new Harry Potter Lego game for the Nintendo ds. Of course, the older son had to jump down off the rock and hide each time a car passed by because he is way too mature for role playing, at least in public. I laid way down in the grass and found the greatest sun flare right between the knees. Camera settings ISO: 160, f22.0, lens 50.0mm. This photo was also inspired by the daily Shutter Sisters prompt.


3 thoughts on “Picture Summer Day 26: Silhouettes of Summer

  1. I was going to say this looks like Harry Potter before I even read your post. I really love this!! Fabulous picture!! (Then I had to hop on over to the Shutter Sisters, which led me to other blogs…. that’s how I end up spending all this time on the computer. 🙂 )

  2. My immediate thought was Harry Potter too, before scrolling down, so it appears you’ve nailed the concept! I love the effect of the sun rays.

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