Picture Summer Day 30: Endless Summer

New Hampshire sunset

Nothing tells the story of summer like a quintessential sunset. I’ll bet sunsets are one of the most photographed of all subjects and yet each one is unique and the beauty of the evening sky never, ever grows old. Whether you’re on vacation or at home, the sun goes down as it does each day, with a blaze of glory. This evening, shoot the sun as it bids farewell until tomorrow.

As you shoot, take a deep breath and be grateful for the day, whatever it brought. We are lucky to be alive!

Sunset over the Mount Monadnock? mountain range. (M@, correct me if I’m wrong) We spent the weekend with my sister and her family in New Hampshire, this is the view that they are treated to with most sunsets. Add to my list of skills needed: exposing of both bright background and dark(er) foreground. I took several pictures of this sunset and none resulted in what I could see with my eye. The foreground was much lighter and the colors of the background (the sunset) much deeper. I was able to boost the sunset in editing but I couldn’t correctly expose the foreground without washing out the background. I could better my editing skills as well but I’d rather get the photo better SOOC (straight out of camera).


4 thoughts on “Picture Summer Day 30: Endless Summer

  1. I’ve made similar laments about not being able to capture with my camera exactly what my eye sees, and have been reassured by photographer friends that no matter how wonderful the camera and how professional the photographer, it will never be as perfect as our eyes. This was beautifully done, IMHO. Is this the end of the “Picture Summer” series? I’ve enjoyed following it.

    • But I want it to be as perfect as my eyes see it! Wah! Editing feels so fake sometimes. Yes, Picture Summer is done. Can’t wait for Picture Fall!

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