The subject for the One Word Project at Shutter Sisters this month is faces.

I was able to capture a couple of faces near and dear to my heart while they were seated next to me at a recent Red Sox game. The key was having them seated where they couldn’t run away. I brought my rented and very heavy 27-70mm lens and so far I am really digging the result.

Here are two of my submissions to the faces prompt.

baseball face

A face very intent on the game. Sticking his tongue out in concentration just like he does when he himself plays the game.

Baseball freckles

These are the green eyes and freckles of the most stubborn 7-year-old on the planet. He’s lucky he’s so darn cute.


8 thoughts on “Faces

  1. The tongue sticking out in concentration strikes a chord here. I’ve never been able to figure out why we do it, but we do! My younger daughter has been known to do it while concentrating on a dance routine.
    So what is the story with the 27-70mm lens? Are close-ups its specialty? I’m trying to learn whatever I can about lenses so that it all starts to make sense to me someday!

    • The lens that’s on my camera 80% of the time is my 50mm 1.4. It takes amazing, crisp, clear and colorful photos. Back to that naked eye thing it almost captures the photos exactly how I see them. The kit lens, which I regret purchasing, is so disappointing. The colors are drab, blurry, and out of focus. I won’t put it on my camera again. The 50mm is limiting in that if I want to get a photo of a tree from roots to the top or close I would have to back up a mile away. The kit lens will allow me to capture more of the tree but with poor result. I wanted a lens that would give me 50.0mm quality while allowing me to capture more of the subject hence the trial of the 24-70mm which was recommended by my Picture Summer instructor. You have to get a 50mm and if you can afford it go for the 1.4. It would make a great Christmas gift!

    • You mean like the devil face he made last evening?

      I knew there was more than one reason why I swoon over Beckett!

  2. My Luke does the concentrating tongue thing too! Soccer, baseball, etc. So cute and so individually them.

    All my fav photog use the 24-70, usually with the 5d. All portrait people, obviously. Amazing photos!!

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