Photo textures

Endelss Summer Hydrangea w/texture

I often admire other photos utilizing textures as in herehere, here and here but without Photoshop being installed on my computer I have limited resources. While taking the Picture Summer e-class and creating the post card I figured out how to add  layers with Picnik.   So now that I knew how to add layers I knew that I could also add textures. I went about the internet searching for free textures to enhance the photo seen above.

Here’s the version SOOC or straight out of the camera.

Endless Summer Hydrangea SOOC

You can even add bokeh to a photo but that seems like cheating. Textures can add visual interest but also can often make a photo look like a Thomas Kinkaid painting.

Joining Lisa for:

friday photo love


3 thoughts on “Photo textures

  1. sooo pretty! I’ve never heard of that technique – I’ve learned a lot just reading your blog during this project. 🙂 I somehow missed your postcard post in July – love it, and love Maine! My husband just returned from four days in Maine (he gave a talk at MDIBL), and if all goes well, we may be spending three weeks there next summer while he works on a research project!!!

  2. I have photoshop elements (the less full-blown version of photoshop) and I still find layers to be a mystery. I’ve used them when given step-by-step instructions on how to achieve certain effects, but I don’t quite understand them. This is a very pretty example!

  3. I’ve been playing around with textures myself lately. I’m finding them to be a great way to brighten up a too-dark photo sometimes. I like the effect it had on your flower.

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