Friday Flare

Sun flare black-eyed susan

Yesterday I was in the backyard playing with my rented lens and the sun flare. I took a lot of pictures and my eyesight suffered for a while but I got a couple that I was happy with.

Backlit Black-eyed Susan

Then, later in the evening, we were at a friends house for dinner. They live up on a small mountain and are nestled right in the forest. If it weren’t for that nice forest they would have a spectacular view of the valley below. I was strolling on their deck enjoying the cool August air when I saw the sun setting amongst the foliage. Of course, I had my camera with me and set it down cautiously on the deck railing and took this photo.

forest flare

For those interested in camera settings: f22.0, 25mm, ISO 3200. It’s the f22.0 that created the flare. So dang cool!

3 thoughts on “Friday Flare

  1. Wow, ISO 3200! I don’t think my camera goes to 3200. What was the shutter speed?
    Love the top shot. That seems it must have been either a very tall black-eyed susan or you were doing some crawling around!

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