<3 Maine

<3 Maine

We are back from vacation and to say I’m overwhelmed by the amount of pictures that I took (not the laundry, unpacking and back to school planning) is putting it mildly. I took over 1000 photos! Gorgeous photos with the 24-70mm lens that I’m renting. I’m sold on this lens, the colors are so vibrant and the quality is so crisp. But mostly it was the over abundance of subject matter that made these gorgeous photos.

Heart Rock

Heart rock found on the beach by my son. In the top photo, the heart rock dotting the i in Maine was found later. I think it’s a message from the ocean forming these heart shaped rocks and leaving them on the Maine shore. I concur!

Since I have so many pictures from Maine I’m going to start a Maine Monday feature where I post a few of my favorites until I run out. It’ll be therapeutic for me… each week recalling our vacation in Maine.

If you are into photography you probably already know about Photojojo. According to the site, “We find the most kick-ass photo tips, projects, and more…”, and they’re right. You can subscribe to their newsletter which comes out maybe weekly? Yesterday’s email was full of great tips including a reference to this site, Rollip. With Rollip you choose an effect and upload a photo and the site applies the effect.

Here’s a Maine scene SOOC (straight out of the camera).

Pre Rollip

And here’s the Rollip effect which they call Drawing Styles.

Rollip Effects on Wood Island

It turns the photo into a digital painting. I’m going to have fun with this!

I’m playing around with the layout of my blog. I’m trying to make the photos bigger. I’ve tried different themes provided by WordPress but can’t find one that I love. I’m guessing that I need to figure out how to create my own layout and not use one of the given formats. But how? Suggestions?


2 thoughts on “<3 Maine

  1. Thanks for the tip about Photojojo – I’m going to sign up!! Love your pics, and I think a Maine Monday is a great way to post them. I think I’ll do that with my backlog of summer photos (maybe a Summer Saturday??). BTW, I LOVE, LOVE my earrings!! I’ve been wearing them every day. Thank you! đŸ™‚

    • So glad you like your earrings! I have the same pair that I wear daily. They have been getting darker and I’m not sure if it’s my hair product that’s doing it or what. I haven’t tried to polish them yet but then again I’m not really bothered by the darkening.

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