Maine Monday


What I loved about where we stayed in Maine was the natural beauty that could be found. Sure, there were plenty of houses, but they were built with respect to the landscape. If we wanted commercialism the overpopulated Old Orchard Beach wasn’t too far away but with that not being my style we stayed close to home. One of the natural beauties of the area is the East Point Audubon Sanctuary found at the tip of Biddeford Pool.



It was an easy walk resulting in a great reward.




Spectacular views of Wood Island Lighthouse.


A seal. I believe that this is a relatively young seal. It was sunning itself on the beach before it made its way down to the water and if there wasn’t someone there to point it out to us we would never have seen it. What great camouflage! We stayed 50 ft. away which is required by law.



With a coastline that’s typical of Maine.


One thought on “Maine Monday

  1. Huh! In all the years I’ve been going to Biddeford, I have never been to this place! I will have to put it on the “must do” list for next year!

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