Pets at Play


A friend, Michelle, whose blog is Three Men and a Little Chica, alerted me to a themed monthly photo contest on This months theme is Pets at Play. Michelle was here at the house one day and we thought photos of Stella jumping on the trampoline might be a good place to start since she loves to be on the trampoline with the kids. So today I gave it a whirl.



Although they are cute they aren’t really something I’d consider submitting to a photo contest. So I suggested that the kids get off the trampoline and chase her around the yard.



She ran…


and she ran…


and she ran.


Until she found bunny caviar which put an end to this fun session.

I did get 3 shots worthy of submission. I’m leaning toward one but wondered what others thought.




They are much better/bigger on Flikr so click through until you get the large version. Also, you can view them on a black background if you click enough times.

4 thoughts on “Pets at Play

  1. Wow, is she getting big! Its been about a month, I think, since I met her and she is MUCH bigger. I like the shot of her bent down in front looking up at your son. That is universal dog language for “let’s play!” But the ones of her charging with the ears flying out are hysterical!

    • She’s getting much easier to live with… she’s figured out that she should only be chewing on her own toys and not our shoes. Also, she’s stopped unraveling the toilet paper. Our little girl is growing up! Now if I could just get her to stop chewing the kids.

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