Self-discovery: Cross-domination

self discovery

This past weekend I, with the help of my husband, figured out that I’m left-eye dominant. We were on top of Black Cap Mountain in Conway, NH when I was lamenting about the vision in my left eye being poor due to a recent change in the shape of my eye or astigmatism that no contact lens prescription can (so far) correct. I sometimes have difficulty getting a clear picture through my camera viewfinder due to this poor vision. And because of this poor vision I rarely use manual focus.

My husband had me point to a tree (with my hand) in the distance and then close one eye and then the other. When I closed my left eye my finger was not pointing at the tree, however, when I closed my right eye it was pointing directly at the tree which is representative of being left-eye dominant. In most cases, if you are right handed you are right-eye dominant and you use your right eye to look through your viewfinder. I’m right handed and left-eye dominant. No surprise here that my brain is wired all wrong. In reading online there is tons of information regarding shooting (guns) and cross-dominant vision. Must have been the real reason why, at 14, I flunked Hunter Safety school. (Their story was that I had “poor muzzle control”. I was just bending over to pick a pretty flower… for crying out loud… the gun wasn’t loaded!). Cross-dominant people have trouble with aligning the sight and holding the firearm. I have no experience with this insomuch as I haven’t picked up a gun since the Hunter Safety debacle. But my experience with the camera is leading me towards making another attempt at correcting my vision in my left eye or contemplating Lasik eye surgery all in the name of getting the perfect photograph.

Other things I read about cross-dominance is that if you have a big nose it can get in the way of the dial on the back of a DSLR and the cross-dominance causes nose prints on the LCD. And here I thought the messy LCD happend to everyone! A positive comment was that people with cross-dominance have better hand/eye coordination which I’ve always felt that I had a good handle on and many professional baseball players that are superb hitters are cross-dominant since they will be batting left or right and their dominant eye will be toward the pitcher.

Just a little self-discovery as I get deeper into photography.


4 thoughts on “Self-discovery: Cross-domination

  1. Hee, hee, I just had to go pick up my camera and see where my nose goes when I look through the viewfinder! I am right eye dominant and my nose naturally veers off the side of the camera. Another little “test” for eye dominance that I have shown my kids uses making a circle with you thumb and first finger. Stretch your arm out and put something in view in the circle with both eyes open. Alternately shut each eye – whichever eye keeps your chosen object in view in the circle is your dominant eye. It is always good to keep learning – especially about yourself!

  2. What a neat trick! I just tried it myself and am glad to know I’ve been using the correct eye all this time šŸ˜€

    Hope your left-eye vision can be corrected somehow!

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